Small Fire Dataset (FireCCISFD11) burned area information released


The new Sentinel-2 Fire_cci Small Fire Dataset v1.1 (also called FireCCISFD11) hast been released in October 2018.

This product is based on Sentinel-2 A information over Sub-Saharan Africa, and generated a burned area dataset at 20m resolution for the year 2016. This is the first high resolution burned area product released at a continental scale.

The product is released as a pixel product at 20m spatial resolution, and as a grid product at a reduced spatial resolution of 0.25 degrees.

The pixel product provides information on day of detection of the fire (JD), confidence level (CL), and the land cover (LC) of the pixel as defined by the Land Cover product developed for Africa based on Sentinel-2 data by the Land Cover CCI project, and it is distributed in monthly files in 5x5-degree subsets in GeoTIFF format.

The grid product includes burned area information with 11 individual layers: sum of burned area, standard error, fraction of burnable area, fraction of observed area, number of patches, and sum of burned area in the 6 vegetation classes as defined by the CCI land cover product. It is distributed in global monthly files in NetCDF format.

Both products are stored in geographical coordinates. For more information on product characteristics, data layers, validation results, etc., please consult the Product User Guide. You are invited to download the FireCCISFD11 product.