New version of the Fire_cci Burned Area product released

The new version of the MERIS Burned Area products has been released.

Version 4.1 includes some improvements with respect to version 3.1, such as:

  • The time series of the product was expanded, and now covers the period 2005-2011.
  • The new version of the algorithm includes pixels that are burned twice in the same year, as it tackles monthly burned pixels. A pixel is considered burned twice in the same year when there is at least a five-month gap between the two dates when the algorithm identified it as burned. Otherwise, it is considered the same burn.
  • The spatial resolution of the grid product has been increased from 0.5 to 0.25 degree resolution.
  • Changes were made in geographical subsets of the final pixel product, avoiding overlapping subsets. Tile numbers have been changed.
  • The land cover classes are now consistent with the LC_cci product.
  • Land cover is now dynamic, using two different epochs to estimate the land cover prior to the burn.

The Fire_cci project produces two burned area products available at different spatial resolutions:

  • the PIXEL product, with a spatial resolution of 0.0027778 degrees (approx. 300 m at the Equator), as monthly GeoTIFF files with three layers indicating the date of detection, the confidence level and the land cover in the pixel detected as burned. This product is delivered in 6 continental subsets.
  • the GRID product, which is a global biweekly NetCDF file, with a spatial resolution of 0.25 degrees, and includes the sum of burned area in each cell, the standard error, the observed area fraction, the number of burned patches in each cell, and the burned area for each land cover class of the Land Cover CCI product.

This new product can be downloaded from A detailed information of the characteristics and attributes of the BA product is included in the Product User Guide.

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