FireCCI51 for 2018 released!

During the month of July, an extra year of the FireCCI51 burned area product has been released, based on 250m spatial resolution NIR data from the Terra MODIS sensor, and covering the year 2018. This data complements the existing 2001-2017 time series, for a total of 18 years of burned area information, both in pixel and grid format. You are invited to download the data from https://geogra.uah.es/fire_cci/.

Fire_cci results shown at the GMAP workshop in China

The Science Leader of Fire_cci, Dr. Emilio Chuvieco, presented the results of the project during the Global Land Monitoring and Change Analysis workshop (GMAP) last 4th May at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. The conferenced focused on the "Challenges for global Burned Area Mapping: experiences from the ESA Fire_cci project".

Presentation of Fire_cci at LPS19

Don't miss the presentation of Fire_cci at the ESA stand of the LPS19, this Thursday at 18.15!

Kick-off of the new phase of Fire_cci

The new phase of Fire_cci was successfully kicked-off on 4-5 April 2019, with a two-day meeting at the University of Alcala, Spain. During the meeting, the partners of the project discussed the previous work done during the last three years of the Fire_cci project, and organized the tasks to perform during the next phase.